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Redmayne Perennials

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Redmayne Perennials is a small nursery based in St Albans and specialises in a range of reliable and more unusual herbaceous and woody perennials, propagated from seed and cuttings and by division, with an emphasis on species rather than cultivars and on plants which are good for pollinators.


It was established in 2022 by Jonathan Redmayne (pictured in the greenhouse) after a career as a solicitor in London and is the culmination of a keen interest in gardens and gardening developed over many years.


We opened our garden for the second time under the National Garden Scheme at the beginning of June and on the weekend of 17/18 June we took a stall for a second year at the Selborne Unusual Plants Fair in Hampshire. We are hoping to take a stall at further plant fairs next year.


We are also starting to sell our plants locally through a series of pop-up stalls around St Albans, and have had three sales this summer and autumn - in Langley Crescent, Clarence Road and Beaumont Avenue - and plan to have many more next year.

We are seeking to establish, with the help of the previous collection holder, what we hope may become a new National Collection of phlomis under the aegis of Plant Heritage. We plan in due course to offer for sale, as part of our nursery business, a wide range of species, both herbaceous and woody, within this rather neglected genus, which is excellent in dry conditions and very hardy and far more diverse and attractive than commonly thought. 


We also offer a garden design service and have worked on a series of planting schemes in private gardens, in St Albans, Leicestershire and Dorset, two of which are featured in the pictures below. We are happy, by way of an alternative, to offer more informal advice on what sorts of plants should do well in a particular garden.


As we have only recently established our nursery business we are unable, for the time being at least, to offer plants for sale by mail order.


If you would like to know what plants we have available or we can help in any other way do call us on 07964 163 342 or send us an email on ''  

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